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Connecting to your SFTP Server

If you have requested SFTP access to your web directory, you can manually upload and manage files for your website.

Depending on your hosting package, you may only have access to upload media and documents. Most WordPress web hosting packages do not have SFTP credentials - all media should be uploaded through the WordPress editor. Please check with our support staff for more details if you are unsure.

You can access your SFTP account using the following instructions:

  1. For all platforms (Windows, OS X and Linux), FileZilla Client is one of the more usable SFTP applications. Download and install it from the official FileZilla site.
  2. Create a new profile in FileZilla by clicking File > Site Manager.
  3. Click the New Site button.
  4. Under Host, enter example.com where example.com is the domain you have registered.
  5. Select SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol under the Server Type dropdown.
  6. In the Port box, enter 55022 (change from the default 22.)
  7. Select Normal from the Logon Type downdown, and provide your username and password. If you've forgotten your username or password, please contact our support staff.
  8. Click the Connect button to establish a connection to your SFTP account. If you do not see your files right away, they are located at /var/www/example.com where example.com is the site you have hosted with us.